Sarah Natow

Interview by Ashley Anglade

Ashly Anglade: Why choose to photograph people in their dorm rooms?

Sarah Natow: I wanted to do a project about students because it was my last opportunity to do so.  The dorm is the natural environment for the student, which I thought was important.

AA: Is there a specific reason that you shoot from behind the person’s desk, as opposed to some other aspect/corner/area of the dorm room?

SN: The Desk is the focus of my image, and the face is not important to me.  I wanted to capture a different facet of the person than just want they look like.

AA: Also, along the same line, why do you choose/not choose to include people and why have them not face you?

SN: Sometimes the image called for absence.  The whole project is a book, and there needed to be a rhythm to the book, so the absent pics provided a nice contrast.

AA: What types of photography do you enjoy?

SN: I enjoy all types of photography, but I find myself gravitating towards architectural photographs and street images in my own work.  Portraits are always a challenge, which is why I decided to tackle them in my thesis

AA: Do you find common themes reappearing in your projects?

SN: The interaction between people and their environment, how they change it, live in it, manipulate it.


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