Pamela Jimenez Cardenas

Interview by Sarah Natow

Sarah Natow: Why did you take pictures of these people?

Pamela Jimenez Cardenas: I know many of these people from my work with the homeless shelter.  These are people who hang out in “the pit” next to the T stop.

SN: Why are all of your images landscape and not portrait?

PJC : Oh, I never noticed that before.  I’m not sure why I did that, though I wanted to be very consistent in the way I took the images.  They are all a uniform distance from the subject.

SN: Why cut their heads off?

PJC: I wanted to be as close to the face as possible, to capture all of the emotion.

SN: Did you direct your subjects?

PJC: At first no, then I tried asking them to all act out the word “storm.”  That was not very successful either, so I just asked them to tell me a story.  I wanted to capture pure emotion, and not posed faces.  This was the best way I could come up with for that.

SN: Is this your first time shooting film?

PJC: No, I took a black and white photography class in high school.  This was my first time scanning film and working on it in Photoshop, which I liked a lot.  Film is different; you never know if you have captured what you want.

SN: Will you keep photographing?

PJC: Yes, but I will likely shoot digitally in the future.


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