Nayeli Rodriguez

Interview by Pamela Jimenez Cardenas

Pamela Jimenez Cardenas: What made you think of the idea for this work?

Nayeli Rodriguez: I was interested in different ways of stopping and capturing motion and finding a way to have a still representation of something that was moving.

PJC: Why are you shooting yourself?

NR: It’s less about portraiture and more about motion and movement and body – and really the only person I could find to take multiple videos of dancing was myself. These are not experiments in self-portraiture; it’s really something else, I was experimenting isolating stills from motion.

PJC: How long did it take to do this?

NR: I still film them all the time because I’m not sure when this project will be done or what I will ultimately do with it.

PJC: So you want to continue?

NR: Yah, I do. It looks weird all together, identity becomes obscured. I took the tempo from a song to isolate the frames. When you look at them fast, stills become motion once again. So I’m using movement to create stills to create movement again.

PJC: What are you doing now?

NR: I’m shooting video portraits. It’s another way of looking at a person, every now and then she stands still and you see her as you would in a photography portrait except there’s duration and you feel more obligated to watch it through to the end.


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