Kevin Chi

Interview by Caroline Cuse

Caroline Cuse: Tell me about your work.

Kevin Chi: Basically I use science as a muse. I’m a science concentrator [molecular and cellular biology] and I want to incorporate my major into my project. I want to do something inspired by science.

CC: What’s going on in these pictures.

KC: For each picture, I try to photograph a scientific concept.  For example, I represented the Big Bang by filling a balloon with star confetti and then popped it. To represent death, I dipped flowers in liquid nitrogen, which freezes them immediately and then can shatter them in the moment.

CC: So did the biology department allow you to acquire the materials for this project?

KC: No but my friends did. I was able to use them for that, and I also asked them what big concepts I should try to explain in my pictures. They listed concepts that they found interesting and gave me the materials I needed.

CC: Do you feel like this project helped you and your viewers understand abstract concepts?

KC: I don’t know what it does for other people, but I liked taking a science concept that people are familiar with and present it in a way that was not so literal. People sometimes can’t pinpoint exactly what is in the pictures. It’s fun to make something obvious look not obvious. I was going for an element of surprise.  Dealing with the familiar, which is what science is. It’s everyday life.


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