Hoi Nguyen

Interview by Mike Polino

Mike Polino: You mentioned that you’re into music composition, but why are you interested in taking the microphone into photography?

Hoi Nguyen: My first concept was to capture sound through photography and images.  It started very conceptual, like putting headphones on a stuffed moose.  The idea was that you were supposed to imagine the moose listening to the sound, but there’s actually no sound happening.  I think that was too vague, so I needed some kind of visual representation of ears in my pictures, so that’s where the mic comes in.  It’s also a portrait in a way.  The microphone is a representation of me as a sound artist.

MP: Can you describe how you edited down into your final set?

HN: I edited down to photos that are visually stimulating and that emoted something reminiscent of a sound or a sound emotion.  When you listen to a sound or music you either feel apathetic or sad or happy, so I picked images that give you the idea of sound with an emotion.

MP: I like that. I’m already reading into some of the sounds that might be in these photos.  I have no real way of knowing, but I’m getting this sound information, which is really awesome.

HN: Cool.  Well, I’m glad you’re getting it.

MP: Did you enjoy shooting with film this semester?

HN: Yeah definitely.  I think with film I’m a little more careful to know exactly what I want in the image.  It forces me to use my eye and makes me a more active photographer.


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