Ashley Anglade

Interview by Tati Peralta-Quiros

Tati Peralta-Quirós: This was your first VES class, did you have any previous experience with photography?

Ashley Anglade: I actually hadn’t, I had talked to people about it before and I was really interested. My school had a club, but it wasn’t really big nor did it have any equipment, and I figured that I could find those resources here. I was also interested in exploring new and different classes from what I had done in the previous semester.

TPQ: Which camera did you use?

AA: Pentax, 5mm film

TPQ: Tell me a little bit about your final project.

AA: I wanted to do portraits of young girls since I found that I was most comfortable around people my own age.  I started out with my friends trying to do different themes: portraying girls as sweet and innocent or naïve or dumb and seductive.

TPQ: How did you come up with this concept, was it an idea that has been present since the beginning of the semester and has been evolving or have you been moving between ideas?

AA: I feel that it is a little bit of both. When I started out with my friends I went for that very feminine look, but when I wanted specific portrayals I had to jump between ideas.

TPQ: How was it different working with friends to people you didn’t know?

AA: At first I was afraid it was going to be awkward. Working with my friends was easy because they are comfortable with me taking their pictures – there was one who was always jumping in front of the camera! But with others I was afraid they where going to be stiff and awkward so I was worried about that. But most have the people I took pictures of were very relaxed and natural. They made me excited because they were excited.

TPQ: Did you give them much direction or did you want natural poses?

AA: One of the girls was a model so I just let her to her own posing. But with most I would give them an idea, sort of like “give me tough” and ask them to talk about it.

TPQ: Did you run into any challenges in this project?

AA: Mostly with the ideas because they [models] asked me more specific things such as what to wear and it was something they I didn’t want to put myself in to direct every single detail of the picture. I realized that when I did so, I did not like the pictures, it felt too contrived.

TPQ: What was the inspiration for this project?

AA: I wanted to have fun.  It sometimes felt like a photo shoot with my friends, with the music and the background. I had so much fun in this class and this was how I wanted to end it, with a fun project.

TPQ: Do see this project evolving into something larger? Or do you think that it is coming to its end and you are going to do something new?

AA: I think its more of the former, I was going to do a little bit more with it. I am going to reshoot some of the girls for the final version.

TPQ: Which ideas do you think you will pursue more for the finalized project?

AA: I want to focus more on the tough rather than the sweet flowery girls. Even during the shoots, I had more fun with these. However, I do like the juxtaposing images.

TPQ: Any ideas as to presentation and organization?

AA: I want to print bigger, 9×13”. I’m still thinking about order. I know which photo will be the first and last, both with the intense eyes to guide the viewer.

TPQ: Into the future, you think that you will continue with photography and/or VES?

AA: I really liked the intro class with Sharon Harper, but I want to try Digital. I want to pursue VES as secondary field. I would also like to take more studio classes, in photography, as well as other mediums.


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