Interview by Alene Anello

Kanyinsola is a Sophomore concentrating in Psychology.  This fall she took Intro to Photography with Sharon Harper. It was her first photo class.

Alene Anello: How did you get interested in photography?

Kanyinola Aibana: I’ve always been interested. Freshman year, I started to

take photos for the Crimson. In high school, I had always been interested.

AA: Where were these photographs taken?

KA: At the café that I work at—Café Gato Rojo. Throughout the class, for every assignment we got from Sharon, I always found myself taking photos there. It’s one of the places I’m comfortable with, and I wanted to explore it more.

AA: Who or what inspired your photographs?

KA: I am going for a Biblical theme in my photos.

AA: Can you explain?

KA: As I started to take pictures, I was playing with light, which led me to go towards the Biblical theme. That picture right there is supposed to be like the Red Sea.

AA: The girl in this picture (“Sarah”) looks like she is seeing God or something.

KA: Yeah, that was the whole point.

AA: Are you very religious?

KA: I’m Muslim, but I sing in Kuumba.  I believe in God, but I wouldn’t say I’m very religious.

AA: How did you decide to have a biblical theme to the pictures?

KA: It started with this photo (“Heavenly Hands”). I thought of it as heavenly—the way the hand hits the coffee, the light, and the over-exposure on the cups.

AA: What did you learn about photography from Sharon Harper’s 41a?

KA: I learned the technical stuff, like aperture and shutter speed. I have become better at manipulating light, with overexposure and exposing for dark areas. I feel that that’s what I came out doing really well, since my project revolves around light.

AA: What kind of camera do you use?

KA: Pentax. It’s a film camera.

AA: Do you do any other kind of art?

KA: I painted a little in high school, in an art class.

AA: Is there anything you want to tell the people who look at your photographs?

KA: What I’m trying to show in my pictures, I hope people can see. I don’t think there’s a “message” I want to tell people with my photographs.

AA: What is the next step?

KA: I’m really interested in photography.  I hope to get a secondary field in photography.


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